We collect marc into proper containers, to protect its freshness. Aftwerwards it’s placed into 4 meters deep tubs and it ferments at 18° – 20° temperature. Using stills there is the first production, subsequently distilled at water-bath and indirect steam with pressure less than one atmosphere. This way of production allows the distillate separation at a temperature of less than 95°, in order to protect flavours and marc delicacy. The concentration into column starts with a low number of plates for a minimum splitting and an optimum flavor leaching.
Grape Variaty : Marc of Albarone wine
Type of wood : Various
Agein : minum 120 months
Colour : Limpid - Amber
Aroma : Complex, subtle, overwhelming with great personality. The barrique developed in a fantastic way spicy fragrances with precise notes going from pepper to cloves, from nutmeg to brown tobaco, from anise to apricot. This clean main impression matches and afterwards discloses still fruity perfumes of jam, baked apple, prune, almond and walnut, followed by a bit of floral honey, in a totally winning whole.
Taste : Dry, smooth, rich of great harmony and lenght.
Alcohol content : 45 % - Bottle content :  700 ml.

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