"Real connoiseurs don't drink wine: they taste secrets. "

Salvador Dalì

From field to winery

The vocation of a unique territory and a skillful production in the winery.
That's how we work...

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A few words about us

Like flowers, trees and vines, the Bonfante family has its roots down into the land. They are set in the south of Piedmont and take sap from a long tradition of winemaking. Today Marco and Micaela carry on the family tradition of selecting grapes and producing wines in BaroloNizza MonferratoGavi and the Roero area. Marco Bonfante Srl, a young wine-making concern, was born from Marco’s and Micaela’s – brother and sister - passion for wine, continuing the tradition of the Bonfante family, which has been producing wines in Piedmont for 8 generations. Micaela looks after the administrative side while Marco, with his diploma from the Oenology and Viticulture school of Alba, is in charge of production and marketing. “For us, Piedmont is a land of great wines, with a centuries-old wine and gastronomic tradition. The micro-climate and the characteristics of the soils, which change considerably from one area to another, give us the chance to find the best “terroir” conditions, both for the various autochthonous vines and for international ones”.



Believing firmly is our convictions and starting off from our family-owned vineyards, we elected various sites for growing grapes that were then turned into wine. Our headquarters are in Nizza Monferrato and are surrounded by the vineyards of the Stella farm, while the other vineyards are to be found in different areas, all in highly prized positions. The total area given over to vines, adding together the various farming estates in Barolo, Nizza Monferrato, Gavi and Castellinaldo Roero, covers more than 20 hectares.

Vineyards Selection

In questa categoria di vini, propoiamo come dice il nome la migliore selezione delle uve dai vigneti di provenienza. L'obbiettivo è quello di ricercare e valorizzare prima in vigna e poi in cantina le caratteristiche varietali che contraddistinguono le singole uve.

Premium Wines

In questa categoria di vini proponiamo vini bianchi e rossi che costituiscono il cuore della nostra produzione.I vini rispecchiano le caratteristiche del vitigno ed incontrano il gusto dei consumatori per la loro pronta beva.


Selezione Sileo


No wood. Our goal for white wines is above all the pleasure in drinking. following our palate we produce fruity and fragrant wines, good minerality but that reflect the known characteristics of the variety. all our white wines are vinified in stainless steel tanks vasch and are kept at a controlled temperature until their bottling.


In red wines we seek the structure, the fruit, the armoniae complexity. the grapes that we produce are selected and separated during the harvest in relation to the final lens. Different batches of grapes follow different procedures in winemaking and in subsequent aging in wood. The end point is always the balance between the various components with a special  eye to the body / acidity / alcohol..


Al termine della fermentazione alcolica le vinacce vengono separate dal vino, senza torchiarle le mandiamo in distilleria dove il sapiente ed attento lavoro del mastro distillatore estrae il nettare che ci scalda il palato a fine pasto.

You can't put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the farther you get.


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